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Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer

Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer

Your lawn looked great in early June, but as the hot summer days wear on, it is starting to look scorched and brown. How can you keep your lawn looking healthy all season long?

  1. Know how to mow. Mowing your lawn properly will help your grass stay healthy and green. Avoid cutting more than 1/3 of an inch at a time, preferably keeping each blade between 3-3 ½ inches. This allows the grass to get the nutrients it needs without over exposing it to the sun. If possible, mow in the morning or evening hours to protect your lawn from the hottest sun.
  2. Don’t let your lawn get thirsty. Your lawn needs 1-2 inches of water each week. If it isn’t raining that much, turn on your sprinklers and give your lawn 30 minutes of water 2 or 3 times a week. If you don’t want to worry about watering, consider an automatic irrigation system.
  3. Slow-release fertilizer. Pro Green’s typical spraying sequence includes a slow-release fertilizer during this time of the year. This provides the grass a nutrient source while safeguarding against burn during the summer heat. Regular service from Pro Green also includes an inspection for insects and disease that can damage your lawn.
  4. Keep the grass thick. If your lawn is older, you may need to consider re-seeding it to provide more thickness and durability. Be sure to select a quality seed that is designed for this area’s climate for best results.

At Pro Green, our goal is to help you make your lawn beautiful. Contact us for a complimentary lawn assessment to find out what your lawn needs and how we can help.

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