Commercial Lawn Care

When your customers come to your business, what’s their first impression? Pro Green can take care of all aspects of your business’s lawn care needs. Make a good first impression without the hassle of managing multiple contractors.


Landscapes & Hardscapes

Refresh your landscaping with a professional design, or add a retaining wall for a finished look. We can create and maintain your landscaping and hardscaping to create an inviting appearance for your business.

Lawn Care

Let the lawn care specialists at Pro Green keep your business’s lawn looking beautiful. We’ll work with you to develop a plan to provide mowing, spraying, and irrigation services as needed.

Maintenance Contracts

Pro Green provides whole property service, including mowing, spraying, irrigation, and trimming. We’ll also take care of winter property maintenance for your business.

Snow Removal

Let the specialists at Pro Green keep your business’s parking lot clean and clear from snow!

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