Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer Fun

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer Fun

Summer can be a memorable time of backyard barbeques, evening relaxation on the back deck, and playing in the yard as the sun goes down. But nothing ruins summer fun faster than a mosquito infestation. Not only do mosquitoes strike with nasty, itchy bites, they also carry diseases like the West Nile virus.

So, how can you prevent your backyard from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes? Begin by remove standing water in rain gutters, buckets, and plastic covers. Replace water weekly in fountains and bird baths.

It’s tempting to empty your wallet buying citronella candles, smelly repellents, zappers and torches, but these items do a poor job of controlling mosquitoes. Instead, consider a mosquito protection program from Pro Green. Pro Green has developed a preventative season-long solution that targets mosquitoes where they live and breed. Your yard can be protected from the perimeter of your house to the property lines around your yard.

Pro Green also offers perimeter pests solutions for your home. These solutions prevent property-damaging ant infestations and keep other creepy bugs out of your house. By applying our customized treatment around your home’s exterior foundation, we can help stop bugs from entering your home.

For more information about our safe solutions for mosquitoes and other bugs, send us a message and we’ll contact you about the best option for your home.

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